Improving projections of trait and population dynamics



I am Maria, a research fellow at the CREAF and research associate at the University of Zurich. I hope this site can give you an idea about me, my research interests, and projects. Please don't hesitate to contact me.


My research focuses on how intrinsic (density) and extrinsic (environment) factors and individual traits (size or mass) interact to determine population structure and dynamics. Working with long-term data on animal and plant populations, I am particularly interested in how population projections under global change can be improved by accounting for trait dynamics, environmental and spatial patterning, and tradeoffs between survival and reproduction. I am also keen on investigating potential evolutionary consequences of environmental change. 


During my PhD, I largely worked on the demography of a disturbance-adapted plant species (dewy pines). I am now working mostly with animal data, such as the meerkats and yellow-bellied marmots.