Improving projections of trait and population dynamics

Some R (and stats) resources I collected over the yeaRS


Data structure and loops


Base plots; Plotting with ggplot; Colorblind-friendly palette;                                                                                                 

Plotting prediction intervals: poisson GLMER

Ecological statistics

A very detailed set of lectures on ecological modeling using Frequentist and Bayesian approaches: Ecology 563 by J. Weiss

Analysis of time-series data: a brief introduction; overview of R functions; canceling out trends; use various R packages; GAMM; MGCV; ARMA; a full book

Seasonal analyses: season/trend decomposition; seasonal and trend decomposition with Loess (STL); seasonal data with GAMs; more GAMs for seasonal data; seasonal ARIMA; seasonal ARIMA 2

Model temporal autocorrelation: a general tutorial; mixed models

Model spatial autocorrelation: a general tutorial;

Model selection: MuMIn

Model fitting : Tips for nonlinear regression

Lm(er): ANOVA = Linear regression; GLMM Faq

Population ecology

General lectures on population dynamics: Exponential & logistic growth;

Matrix population models: Periodic matrices