Improving projections of trait and population dynamics

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Last updated: March 07, 2020

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  • Compagnoni A, Levin S, Childs DZ, Harpole S, Paniw M, Römer G,  Burns JH, Che-Castaldo J, Rüger N,  Kunstler G, Bennett JM, Archer CR, Jones OR, Salguero-Gómez R, Knight TM. Biome and life-history strategy explain the effects of climate on plant population performance, in revision.
  • Gómez-Gonzáles S, Paniw M, Durán M, Picó S, Martín-Rodríguez I,  Ojeda F. Mediterranean heathland as a key habitat for fire adaptations: evidence from an experimental approach, in review.
  • Lenzi O, Ozgul A, Salguero-Gómez R, Paniw M. Reproductive strategy, not pace of life, predicts buffering versus lability in animals, in revision.
  • Maag N, Coozi G, Paniw M, Manser M, Clutton-Brock T, Ozgul A. Increased fecundity in dispersing helpers and its implications for cooperative breeder population dynamics, submitted.
  • Ojeda F,  Carrera C, García-Moreno L, Paniw M, Barbero G, Palma, M. Mechanisms of pollinator-prey separation in a carnivorous plant: the key role of leaf and flower volatile compounds, in revision.   
  • Schmid M, Paniw M, Postuma M, Ozgul A, Guillaume F. A tradeoff between robustness to environmental fluctuations and speed of evolution, in review. Preprint at bioRxiv
  • Paniw M, James T, Archer CR, Römer G, Levin S, Compagnoni A, Che-Castaldo J, Bennett JM, Mooney M, Childs DZ, Ozgul A, Jones OR, Burns JH, Beckerman AP, Patwary A, Sanchez-Gassen N, Knight TM, Salguero-Gómez R. Global analysis reveals complex demographic responses of mammals to climate change, in review. Preprint at bioRxiv



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  • Corada Fernandez C, Torres-Fuentes N, Pintado-Herrera MG, Candela L, Paniw M, González-Mazo E. Effects of extreme rainfall events on the distribution of selected emerging contaminants in surface and groundwater: The Guadalete River Basin (SW, Spain). Science of the Total Environment 605:770-783. pdf
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  • Simpson M, Prots, B. 2013. Predicting the distribution of highly invasive plants in the Ukrainian Carpathians under climatic and land-use change: implications for biodiversity conservation. Environmental Conservation 40:161-181. pdf

In prep

  • Paniw M, de la Riva E, Lloret F. Demographic traits improve predictions of changes in community resilience through time.
  • Conquet E, Ozgul A, Paniw M. Life-history tradeoffs in periodic environments buffer from increases in environmental patterning.
  • Paniw M, Gómez-Gonzáles S, Ojeda F. Fitness consequences of seed-dormancy loss: Adaptation to anthropogenic pressures or a road to extinction?
  • van Benthem K, Paniw M, Ozgul A. Trait changes precede population collapse in a small mammal.

popular publications


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