Improving projections of trait and population dynamics

About ME


An overview

I was born in Ukraine, but spent most of my youth in Germany, more precisely in the great Hamburg, where I started off my academic career. I initially studied history at the University of Hamburg; but, when I moved to the US midway though my undergrad, I discovered that, although I liked humanities, I LOVED natural sciences. So, when I switched to the University of Maryland to finish my B.A., I took the opportunity and minored in biology while focusing my historical studies on the relationship between humans and their natural world.  I then received an M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore and continued on to do a PhD at the University of Cadiz focused on the ecology and demography of dewy pines.


During my studies, I lived in several countries, worked on numerous conservation projects, co-managed an animal rescue shelter, taught sciences and statistics, and learned four other languages in addition to German and Ukrainian.


I spend my free time hiking, but these days my routes are less adventurous.